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Due to her roots being both sri lankan and swiss, the actress and philanthropist has a limitless way to herself from the very beginning. As does her passion for arts. Her career  started out in Bern, the swiss capital and led to a variety of German cities. 

She was awarded a full ride scholarship from The American Musical And Dramatic Academy (USA), which enabled her the luxury to enjoy another full time education.

She is now working in the acting industry of New York City. 

 In her first US production she was playing Meg March in a newly written adaptation of "Little Women" (Louisa M. Alcott) by Hannah Sloat, in cooperation with the Theater Company Quest Players. 

Kumari Helbling is excited and grateful to embrace everyday miracles and uncertainties. 

Dickens would´ve called her next chapter "A Tale of Two Cities" as she will persue her Acting BFA in Los Angeles, while remaining connected to her home New York City.

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"Fall down the rabbit hole of wonder. Follow the yellow brick road of the unknown. Freedom is the magic of being fully present." 

- Kumari Helbling

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